About Me

My partner Silver and I love to push our limits and explore new things as often as we can, and you can see a lot of our kinky adventures on my profiles. We do all my pictures ourselves, have studio and the right equipment to do so. You can see some of my work in my gallery.  

I am very much in love with the transformation from my everyday look to the look of Mizz_P. I spend a lot of time doing my make-up and absolutely believe, that a strong look gets completed with beautiful lashes and red lips.

I love a strong man in high heels and skirt and the confidence it takes to do that and let the control be in my hands while entering the role as my sub. I find the mind play in this kind of role play very exciting.

My strongest accessories are my masks. Putting on my mask makes my transformation complete and I can be whoever I please. It gives me great confidence and I feel beautiful and strong when I am entering one of our sessions, seeing my sub looking at me with trills. I am very addicted to my black cat suit and high heels as well. But the worlds of great outfits are endless and I take great pleasure in keep expending my wardrobe.

We do a lot of our outfits and accessories ourselves. All my pencil skirts, masks and leggings are home made, from latex we buy from all over the world. Our skills in making latex have expanded over the years and there is now much more confidence in knowing witch thickness goes to witch piece.

Also a lot of our toys are home made and therefore perfect for us. The red swings hanging from the sealing and the human toilet are very important items of our kinks. I hope you will visit my gallery to see some of the work.

One of our greatest pleasures is travelling and visiting places and events that celebrate the fetish environment and all the beautiful, creative people in it. Being public in latex is always a trill. Showing it doesn’t have to be tacky and I feel that it`s an important signal to send.

The idea behind bringing this website to life is a strong wish to expand the blogging and discussions to life. It would be absolutely fabulous, if more of us around the world did more than just looked at beautiful pictures. We all know how difficult it is to create the scene behind the perfect picture, looks, pose, make-up. How to repair our favourite latex, when it brooks. Let´s share what we know and let´s talk about the challenges we often meet.

In my contact section you can write me. I can reply in Danish, English, German, Swedish and Norwegian, so don´t be shy.

If you wish to support me with my work, you can make a donation by clicking the button below 🙂

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